Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Project 2

It’s not unusual for designers to pair ‘default’ looking normal guy animal designs with ‘othered’ girl designs with added hair, clothes, or boobs, eyelashes, curves, etc.
(None of these images are mine.)

Instead of being normal, you get weird shit. Why? It’s obnoxious and bad character design.             Gotta emphasize softness. In a dragon. Yup.

You wanted monkey boobs? In a bathing suit? Looking like a pin up while the rest are hunched over goblins? No? Here you go anyway.
Why does she have that hair/ear thing? And eyelashes?
They gave a squirrel boobs. Welcome to hell.
You know, they really had to try and make this fish look sexy. For reasons. Can’t have you thinking that’s a guy fish. Have to give makeup and a hot fin haircut.
In real life?
Can you see a difference at one glance from this picture? Nope.

Even in humanoid designs, it happens. Softer, same faces for women.

Women all have the same body type and face shape.
Or, if they do have diversity, it’s only in side characters. The main women characters have to have the same petite round pixie face. Because god forbid they make a character who looks like this a main, leading character.
Look out, her face isn’t tiny and round!  give voyd her own movie, dammit

In short, extreme differences put in designs in order to hammer in the otherness of girl characters is annoying and designers can do better.
Both people and animals vary in size, shape, and how they look. Anyone of any gender can look any way.

It’s bad design!

So, I switched the ideals. My dinosaur cow is normal. The dinosaur bull really needs you to know he’s a guy. Really really. He’s insecure. The cow is just, a cow. Eats grass and poops. Looks like an animal. But the guy? You gotta know he’s a guy. What if you thought they both just looked like gross animals? Hell would break loose.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Yup, the regalia ideas. Sort of

Regalia Sketches + Inspiration I still like what I have here but I had to study for an art history test and my brain is dead. I like the golden fleece and nautilus on a scroll ones a lot.

Ideas: argonaut helmet, seems okay but I really want to try something else. Golden fleece is more creative.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

List of Five Artists

Micah Ganske
Nervous System
Stephanie Lempert
Bathsheba Grossman
Emerging Objects (Saltygloo)

Chosen: Nervous System

Monday, March 4, 2019

Regalia Sketches + Inspiration

Inspiration First...
Ancient art

Image result for nautilus shell
Image result for golden fleece medieval artImage result for nautilus shell
Image result for argonauts in mythology

Image result for jasons sword mythologyImage result for jasons sword mythology
Actual Sketches....

Regalia Gallery

Images added to as project progresses. Didn't see this was added to the blog, here it is now.

Image result for uwf medals